The Scientific Quest for Longevity : Human lifespan doubled in the last 100 years, when will it double again?

Even given the best nutrition, medical care, and luck, the lifespan of each member of a species is ultimately limited by our genes that leads to aging, disease, and death. This is the reason why humans rarely live beyond 100. To have a chance of extending healthy lifespan, and to alleviate the frailty of aging, we must identify those genes that restrict lifespan.


Bruce won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2011 for his work in the field of innate immunity. Since winning the Nobel Prize and inventing Enbrel, a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, he has spent the past decade focusing on disease-fighting genetics, including aging. Now mutagenic genes are being combined with artificial intelligence and statistical computing to quickly find “beneficial mutations” to suppress disease. This will revolutionize the extension of healthy life span and resistance to disease, including cancer and vulnerability to aging.

I invite you to talk to Nobel Prize winner Bruce Beutler about the mystery of longevity.


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May 30, 20233PM – 4PM4PM – 5PM





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Bruce A Beutler, MD, Nobel Laireate


The use of automated Meiotic mapping (AMM) to systematically isolate beneficial genetic mutations to mitigate a plethora of human disease including cancer and the frailty of aging.


Hank Wuh MD MPH


A blueprint to fast track the development of therapeutics with a vision to double healthy lifespan.


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